Clara Dybbroe Viltoft

development consultant

f(l)air consult is a consultancy platform that offers a range of services in the fields of development, human rights and social justice.

I work with you and not for you, with the aim of empowering my clients - while assisting them in reaching their goals.

I believe in cooperation, in active and global citizenry, and in equality and inclusion when we work towards transformation together.



“I founded f(l)air consult so that I could consolidate my work and professional competences with allies, networks, and passion projects. This company is literally a manifestation of how I have organised my life.”

I have worked and volunteered in the non-profit sector for almost 10 years with various human rights and social justice initiatives besides acquiring a BA in Peace and Conflict Studies with additional International Law courses.

While obtaining my Masters of Philosophy in Criminology, Law, and Society at University of Cape Town, I engaged with NGOs such as Scalabrini Centre of Cape Town, Lawyers for Human Rights and Cape Mental Health.

Besides regularly engaging in academia as a writer, peer reviewer and speaker, I work on a variety of projects and tasks related to migrancy, integration, historically marginalized and -oppressed populations drawing on theory and methods from the fields of human rights, development and social justice, crime, conflict, and violence.

My approach &



  • Organisational design
  • Project development and management
  • Strategic planning
  • Mapping and planning


  • Interviews, surveys and focus groups
  • Research, analysis and reporting
  • Monitoring, evaluation, research and learning
  • Translations and transcribing


  • Implementation and inclusion practices
  • Facilitation, guidance and advise
  • Teambuilding and relationship management
  • Training and capacity building


  • Advocacy and campaigning
  • Organising and mobilisation
  • Fundraising, donor and grant management
  • Public speaking, workshop and seminar

Working with you and not for you

Whether I am your extra set of hands for a week or a project manager for a longer period, with me on board, you can expect that me to be hardworking and dedicated to your task(s).


My approach is flexible and creative and I pride myself in my ability to collaborate and (co-)create solutions. I see people and potential, and I am able to navigate in complex organisational structures, taking into the equation the people, their backgrounds and different opinions while seeing the synergy in cross-sectoral and multidisciplinary work.


I am systematic and persistent. I approach my tasks in structure manner, which reduces the complexity of the task and allows me to focus on the matter at hand. I am able to navigate disagreements and am handle unforeseen challenges with a friendly and firm demeanour.


I learn on my multidisciplinary background and utilise theories and methods such as: critical and feminist theories, human rights frameworks, rights based approach, do-no-harm, outcome harvesting, logic framework approach, theory of change and systems and network analyses.



Current work

  • Resocialisation, reintegration, fundraising and programme development, Ubumi Prisons Initiative (2021-)
  • Programme Development, WAWCAS International (2022-)
  • Development consultant and founder, artist organisation lím collective (2021-)
  • Project manager and programme development and founder, Operation 8 (2020-)

Other engagements

  • Board member, Permasport (2021-)
  • Member, Standing Group on Organised Crime, European Consortium of Political Research (read more here).
  • Network for Challenging Criminalisation Globally Project, Accountability International (read more here).
  • Sustainable Development Goals Ambassador at the Danish SDG Academy

YOGA TEACHER, B:FITbyZeenta & YogaForJustice, Certified Vinyasa Yoga Teacher (200h).

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Featured work



Jounal article: Deconstructing Gangsterism in South Africa: Uncovering the Need for Gender-Sensitive Policies. Cosmopolitan Civil Societies: An Interdisciplinary Journal

Vol. 14, No. 3 2022

Journal article: Deconstructing Gangsterism in South African Legislation and Policy: Reframing Anti-Gang Strategies by Utilising At-Risk Definitions

Journal of Advanced Research in Social Science (JARSS), Vol. 5 No. 1 (2022).


Reviewer, African, and Black Diaspora: An International Journal, Routledge Studies on African and Black Diaspora

Contributor to UNODC’s SHERLOC Database (Case law database).

Case: National Director of Public Prosecutions v Botha N.O. and Another [2020] ZACC 6; 2020 (1) SACR 599 (CC); 2020 (6) BCLR 693 (CC) (26 March 2020).

Journal article: Next stop nowhere

Oxford Monitor of Forced (OxMo) independent academic journal. Category: Field Monitor.

Conference paper: Conference paper presentation: Deconstructing Gangsterism in South African Legislation and Policy: Reframing Anti-Gang Strategies by Utilising At-Risk Definitions.

3rd International Academic Conference on Research in Social Sciences (IACRSS), Berlin, Germany, 10-12 Jun 2021.

Strategy submission: Submission to the New Danish Development Policy: Transformative Development

2020 and earlier

Dissertation publication via 24h Conference on Global Organized Crime

Sponsors: ECPRSGOG, CIROC, IASOC, Global Initiative

Article: Student Activism in Zimbabwe during the Coronavirus Lockdown

Co-writer: Anne Vraa-Jensen

Content contributor: Anti-gang policy and strategy

Response to the 2019 National Anti-Gangsterism Strategy. Formulated in Cape Town, Western Cape, South Africa.

Book, assistant editing and story facilitator. Final publication: Rural Voices II

Position paper, co-writer: The Deteriorating Crisis in Zimbabwe

Article: ESU supports the National Union of Students in Denmark in their fight against education ceiling

Featured work

partners & products

< product examples:

  • kitchen project event with youth in ghetto-branded area
  • awareness campaign on climate change
  • election promotion & political participation campaign

current & previous partners:


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